Macro Tides Tactical Sector Rotation Strategies
Managed by Jim Welsh

The Tactical Sector Rotation Strategies are tailored to investors seeking to participate in "Bull Markets" and prospectively avoid the ravages of a "Bear Market". This strategies are driven by our proprietary Major Trend Indicator (MTI).

Major Trend Indicator

The MTI is primarily quantitative and differentiates whether "Bull Market" or "Bear Market" conditions exist. The MTI is used in conjunction with classic chart analysis. When the MTI signal indicates "Bull Market" conditions, the model invests in the top five performing sector ETFs of the ten sectors within the S&P 500 index, plus a Midcap sector ETF (MDY), and Small Cap sector ETF (IWM).

Alternatively, when "Bear Market" conditions are indicated, the model invests in a Money Market Fund and/or establishes "short" positions through "inverse" ETFs (i.e. inverse S&P 500 and/or inverse Russel 2000 ETFs). The relative performance of each sector is quantified weekly and the portfolio is rebalanced quarterly.

U.S. Constraints

Equity MIN MAX
10 U.S. Sectors1 -100 100
2 U.S. Mid & Small Cap Sectors -100 100

Major Trend Indicator

This strategy is created to capture opportunities in global markets from Growth, Value and Currency perspectives. Global investing can capture the benefits of economic cycles outside the U.S. and offers the advantage of additional Diversification.

The proprietary Major Trend Indicator (MTI) is utilized and applied in the same method as the U.S. Tactical Sector Rotation Strategy but includes additional multiple continent regions (Europe, Asia and Emerging Markets), and exposure to the following ETF's sectors: U.S. Treasury (long/short), Gold & Gold Stocks, Commodity and Currency.

The possible choices of alternate global assets are determined by the portfolios manager’s discretion and on-going published research.

Global Constraints

Equity MIN MAX
12 U.S. Sectors1 -100 100
Europe2 0 20
Asia2 0 20
Emerging Markets2 0 20
U.S. Treasury -20 20
Gold & Gold Stocks 0 20
Commodity 0 20
Currency 0 20
1 10 S&P 500 + Midcap (MDY) & Russell 2000 (IWM)
2 Limit: 10% per sub-sector, 2 sub-sector max per sector