Powering Financial Independence

Smart Portfolios offers the complete solution for financial advisors:

  • Uses best-of-breed science behind its Dynamic Portfolio Optimization™ to provide superior asset allocation models for investment professionals.
  • More accurately measures risk and expected return of securities and markets.
  • Provides a deeper understanding of the interdependencies between securities when diversifying assets.
  • Strategies are executed mainly through index-based ETFs, they can be freely traded at known prices while the market is open, they are narrow enough to express views about market sectors, and their performance is not subject to arbitrary shifts in sentiment or strategy on the part of their managers.
We will work with you and your investment advisor to
help you navigate your way to financial freedom.
  • It’s all about risk versus reward. Big events are more common than standard statistics would have us believe. With Smart Portfolios’ advanced risk technology we can better assess risk and shift our investments to optimize risk-adjusted returns.
  • Smart Portfolios offers a variety of options to help you create the right portfolio to meet your individual needs.
  • Learn more about our Separately Managed Accounts.
Smart Portfolios offers our strategic partners sub-advisory services
Smart Portfolios' portfolio optimization solutions enable you to achieve superior performance as an overlay manager of mutual funds or exchange-traded funds.
  • Portfolio Management
  • Propriatary Risk Management
  • Data Integration & Workflow Automation
  • Performance Reporting (optional)
  • Marketing Collateral & Research (optional)