Smart Portfolios offers its proprietary Dynamic Portfolio Optimization™ solution to its partners in various forms to accommodate clients' needs. In addition to customized solutions and mutual funds, DPO is available to you through sub-advisory services, overlay strategies, and in separately managed accounts.

Customized Portfolios
For clients seeking a customized solution, DPO can accommodate most any risk profile or time horizon. Our investment professionals work closely with each client to determine their needs and create a solution to maximize returns while better managing risk.

Sub-Advisory Solutions
Smart Portfolios currently acts as sub-advisor to a number of portfolios offered in today's market place. As a preferred manager for sophisticated investors, Smart Portfolios is well-positioned to enhance your investment results and help grow your business in this challenging market.

Overlay Management
Clients seeking to create extra value for a portion of their portfolio may use DPO as an overlay strategy. We offer overlay solutions customized to your needs, in line with any risk profile.

Separately Managed Accounts
We also offer a variety of strategies utilizing DPO for individuals and institutions using separately managed accounts. We work closely with our clients to determine strategy that fit your investment goals.

Mutual Funds
Smart Portfolios also manages the asset allocation of mutual funds that are currently offered by large, well-known insurance companies. Our strategies are offered with variable annuity and variable life insurance products. Institutions may contact us directly regarding a strategy, or fund, tailored to your products guidelines. Individual investors should contact their financial advisor for more information.