Years ago, I was speaking at an investment industry conference when a man in the front row yelled out, "Is this just another rubber chicken presentation on asset allocation?" I responded with, "Fasten your seatbelt!" and I'll say it again here.
By Bryce James
Feb, 2017
Investment risk means many different things to different people. Yet for decades the investment world has relied primarily on one particular measure of risk, standard deviation, which I believe doesn’t apply very well to today’s markets.
By Bryce James, for Bank Investment Consultant
July 1, 2010
There are some pitfalls to diversification. Here are some ways to improve upon it
by Bryce James, for
June 28, 2010
It’s an art and a science to manage risk, but there are some time-tested methods for estimating what you might make.
by Bryce James, for
June 14, 2010
Following traditional value-at-risk models leads to a false sense of security.
by Bryce James, for
June 8, 2010
Poor Harry Markowitz. Every time investors get whipped in the financial markets, they take it out on his Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). Never mind that the groundbreaking concept has governed investment discipline for more than 40 years and that Markowitz won a Nobel Prize for it in 1990.
by Joan Warner, Bank Investment Consultant
February 1, 2010
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by Eleanor Laise, Wall Street Journal
September 9, 2009
First came mutual funds that hold other mutual funds. The first wave of mutual funds that hold ETFs was just a matter of time. The CEO and founder of Smart Portfolios LLC, Bryce James, manages the Aston/Smart Allocation ETF Fund, which launched in January.
by Trang Ho, ETF Center, Investor's Business Daily
May 19, 2008
by Joanne Von Alroth, Investor's Business Daily
May 8, 2008
Weak market could raise new questions about the concept.
by Dan Jamieson, InvestmentNews
March 10, 2008
Financial Planning Magazine
October 31, 2007
Opening keynote speaker, Bryce James, of the American investment management firm Smart Portfolios Inc., traced the evolution of asset allocation theory.
by Bob Veres, Portfolio Construction Forum
September, 2007
To a growing number of sophisticated investors, modern portfolio theory is begining to seem a bit outmoded.
by Bob Veres, Financial Planning
July 1, 2007
Inside Information by Bob Veres
June, 2007
by Rob Wherry, SmartMoney
April 19, 2007
Smart Portfolios CEO Bryce James thinks traditional asset allocation strategies dont hold true in todays high-volatility market, and presents an innovative new approach., Economic and Market Overview
June 6, 2008
Smart Portfolios CEO Bryce James explains the process of using dynamic, rather than historical data, to better determine proper asset allocation in todays volatile and ever-changing market., Economic and Market Overview
April, 2008
Portfolio manager Bryce James explains how his new fund employs innovative math to manage risk and determine top-performing ETFs to comprise the funds primary holdings., Economic and Market Overview
April, 2008